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Audit and Consultancy

  • Land-based wind power (validity of planning permission,rights acquired as per ICPE requirements, approval and declaration for classified facilities, validity and enforceability of land registration titles, abnormal load transport, licence to operate, grid connection, purchase agreement, transfer of wind farms…)
  • Offshorewind power (area occupancy, call for tenders, dispute relating to site development…)
  • Roof or ground mounted photovoltaic systems (location with regard to land planning, electricity purchase obligation, grid connection, responsibility of installers, transfer of facilities, call for tenders…)
  • Small wind and solar systems: own use, land planning and neighbourhood consideration
  • Methanisation and cogeneration installations (audit, inputs safety, land-related contracts, ICPE approval, grid connection, sale of heat, sale of electricity, sale of biogas…)

Litigation related to Renewable Energies Law

  • Wind farms (litigation related to planning permission, ICPE approval and operation)
  • Small wind systems (urban development and unusual neighbourhood disturbance)
  • Solar power plants (litigation related to planning permission)
  • Energy recovery and incineration(ICPE litigation)
  • Biogaz and cogenerationunits (ICPE litigation and unusual neighbourhood disturbance)
  • Hydro-electric power plants (licence to operate and title-based rights)